Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Welcome to my World

On the 21st July 2010 my world changed, it got brighter, it made sense, it also came with huge responsibility. On this day I became a mummy. My little boy Finley was born weighing 7lb 14oz and from the moment he was put into my arms I realised that my world would never be the same again, I would never be the person I was before.  The pure love you have for your new baby is like nothing on earth, and I knew that I had been given the greatest gift of all and now I had to start learning the job role of 'mummy' pretty sharpish!

Finley 3 days old
 This blog is to document my daily life as a first time mummy, to share tips and advise I have learnt along the way and to hopefully get tips and advise from other mummy readers. Its my way of looking back when I'm old and grey and remembering every inch of Finley's life, the mundane stuff and the magical stuff.

 If only they hadn't forgotten to give me that baby manual that came with Finley at the hospital before I left....

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  1. hi scarlett :)

    as always, i love reading your blogs, (although commenting previously as corsets,crafts and cupcakes!)and i am revisiting this one as a fellow mummy (to be!) i hope that you continue posting on this blog, as hints and tips to mummyhood are very welcome, and you inspired me to document my baby's 'firsts' via a seperate blog too, so thank you :) hope you are all well x x