Thursday, 17 February 2011

New Mummy Confession...

I'm going to confess something now....I'm scared of mother and baby groups. There it's now out in cyber space, I've admitted it.  My whole fear of these groups was summed up by a trip to Sainsburys yesterday...

I stopped to have lunch with Finley in the cafe there, loads of space and highchairs so I don't feel bad if Finley has a tantrum or squeals at the top of his lungs (a new talent he has just learnt).  Well looking around  I noticed this cafe seemed to be the local mummy haunt - literary every few tables there was a groups of mummies, having tea and cake and discussing the latest child care techniques.  One group of 'la de da' mummies took up residence on the table next to mine.  There were 4 of them, immaculately dressed and all their babies supporting the latest lines in Baby Gap. The high chairs were scrubbed to the bare wood by their disinfecting wipes and the babies safely secured - now came the battle of the lunch boxes.  Each of the mummies seemed to take pride in discussing what their baby had for lunch, how long it had taken to make, what organic ingredients they had used and how WONDERFUL it was that their babies seemed to eat everything offered and never would a jar of food cross their lips...

...Hmm there was I spoon feeding a organix fruit pot into Finley's mouth feeling guilty that I hadn't picked the fruits from my organic orchard and crushed them with my bare (disinfected) hands into a puree which I then froze within 20 minutes of crushing to preserve all the fruity goodness.  This is was just a small section of the yummy mummies discussion, they went onto put the world to right about putting a baby in nursery, how to offer finger foods and of course how well behaved their babies are.  THIS is why I am scared of Baby groups - I imagine all these type mummies concentrated into one room. I never was any good at competition!  I cant just imagine the guilt complexes that would be installed into my brain!

So for now I'm just hanging out my my regular friends, some have children that Finley socialises with, he will also be put into nursery when I go back to work part time so he will most definitely not be missing out any interaction that the baby groups can offer.....maybe one day I'll be brave enough to visit one and who knows my fears will probably be unfounded and they may just be mummies like me who are learning on the job! :o)

Scarlett x


  1. LOL... I reckon most Mums learn on the job...but not all of them will admit it and try to create an aura of "savoir faire" which they still don't actually have.
    I went against all the rules and let my daughter wear her nappy until she told me she didn't need it any more... and breast fed her until was... well...we'll skip that one! But what I want to say is... you, (within reasonable limits) do more or less what your instinct tells you to do, and just try to be certain of your convictions so that baby knows who is boss!

  2. I'm going with the flow too - just waiting for Finley to tell me when he's ready, although there does seem so much pressure to be a 'yummy mummy' with beautiful well behaved children lol. Great advise about letting baby know who's boss! x

  3. I have to say some of the greatest pressure came from a well meaning Italian ma-in-law. That was the hardest one to resist - especially the "baby talk" which drove me up the wall. My littl'un already had to deal with 3 "languages"...English, Italian and Venetian, without throwing in all the goo goo and ga ga stuff!

  4. this is a lovely blog, and a great idea - you have a 'diary' to show your gorgeous baby when he's older, and have some lovely memories to look back on.

    its really nice to read an honest view of mummyhood!