Friday, 25 March 2011

Meal out with the Monkey

We've hit the 8 month mark where by everything is of interest to Finley, nothing gets by him without a hand grab, and full study and then the exploration by his mouth.  Board books don't seem to stand a chance and he has managed to suck the designs off 3 books already lol.

As he so inquisitive about everything meal times have become a battle of wills over who is going to hold the spoon.  Ive tried tricking him with giving him his own spoon while i feed him but he's gotten very wise to that and makes a grab for the food laden spoon sending the contents flying.  He also is not a great highchair passenger either as he wants to be reaching out to snatch items.

I took him for lunch out with my mother to a restaurant yesterday, as soon as we put him in the high chair his mouth was wide open like a little bird expecting to be fed.   The waitresses was given the best smiles of course and anything on the table was reached out to.  We managed to eat out lunch without too much trouble by giving him a piece of cucumber to chew on - this piece was huge so he took a while looking on in awe of the green watery goodness.  He then got bored and decided to do his latest party trick of squealing at a pitch only dogs can hear - this is a great game but the couples on the table next to us didn't look amused.

The piece de resistance, the grand finale was when he decided to make a sudden lunge for the glass of diet coke on the table sending the contents flying across the table and soaking the floor. Finley thought this was the funniest thing he had ever seen, even giving the onlookers his biggest toothless grin!  We had no napkins so managed to stem the flow with some baby wipes until the waitress came back with our bill to see the destruction, we used a pile of napkins but the table and floor were going to be sticky for a while i think.

We paid and ran - and yes we did give the waitress a big tip! Don't think we will be going back there for a while :o)

Scarlett x

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Mummy Scrum Down

The doors opened as we all were clicked in, then women started charging down the hall through the doors to the second hall, power walking it was not, more like a stampede.  I followed to the second hall and it was complete madness with grabbing of clothes and toys and the stuffing of shopping bags.  I located the 1-2 year rail as thought i'd pick up a few bits for my boy.  I was barged out the way by a heavily pregnant woman who also sent the rail flying forwards, narrowly missing the lady on the other side, there was a tut and a huff and we were all back on trawling the rails.  Baby Gap was at a premium and these items were first in everyone's bag. I saw a few items very overpriced and by the time I left the sale these bits were hanging lonely on the rails to be collected by the owner who will probably rethink her pricing.

The toy tables were about 3 women deep, I could hear a lot of moaning about prices again there, and a lot of items being inspected then tossed aside.  I witnessed two women go for the same soft toy book but one strong tug from the older of the two won the book war.

I'd had enough and joined the queue (which also snaked around the whole hall), even being in the queue I wasn't safe from the barging! Two women in front of me said they travelled all round going to the nct sale and with 7 children between them they got a good deal!  Sod that, one morning was enough for me lol.

Finally got to the pay tables, got some good bits of clothing which will be good for nursery but I needed a good sit down and feet up when I left, I thought I was a die hard bargain hunter but these women especially the ones ready to drop really took the bargain hunting crowns - they were made of stronger stuff than me lol.

So that's all over and done with...unless I decide to brave the october sale, maybe nct sales are like child birth, you forget how painful it is until you go through it again!

Scarlett x

Saturday, 5 March 2011


When Finley was younger every 'crying' situation was blamed on the dreaded teething - used freely as an excuse as to why my little bundle of joy was purple in the face screaming the place down. I will admit that we were wrong, he wasn't teething, how do I know this?...Well he is actually teething now as it is nothing like the odd screaming fit, he's now being grumpy for most of the day lol.

I realised we had hit the teething time when after getting used to the luxury of 7 hours unbroken sleep we now have a little man who wakes in the night upset. His cheeks have a lovely gnome-like ruddiness to them and he's dribbling like crazy.  I can see those little buggers under his front gum but they are staying put and causing nothing but trouble.  Cue the teething rings, a flipping rubber giraffe that cost £12 and suspicious looking teething powder which I'm apparently supposed to put on his tongue dry??? Hmmm not sure how the manufacturers' came up this this little bit of advise but I'm sure if they tried to prize open a 7 month old mouth while keeping the mouth and indeed their hand free of dribble then they are are superhuman.

So fingers crossed they break through soon and give me my happy boy back again, then it'll be the next lot...How many teeth exactly does a child get?  Oh I hate to