Monday, 14 February 2011

The curse of the cauliflower cheese...

Well I've been making sure Finley tries a whole range of foods, especially foods which I do not like but I don't want a fussy eater when he's older. So armed with my Annabel Karmel baby cook book I decided to try to make cauliflower cheese:

I don't like cauliflower or cheese so I have never made this dish before but the instructions were so easy I thought I would cook it up with no problems at all....well until I made it that is, the sauce turned out to be an epic fail :(

Lol - looks like I got a fair bit of the cornflower outside the pan as well as in!  So perfect cooking mama I am certainly not!  This is going to be written off and the cauliflower will be served as a part of a vegetable puree for Finley tonight and the 'cheese sauce' is never to be spoken of again!
Any tips on cauliflower cheese sauce will be gratefully accepted!



  1. I do my own version of cauliflower cheese with a few little cheats thrown in for speed and good measure! I am lucky enough to be able to buy little cartons of ready made bescamel (how should that be spelt??) sauce. I cook the cauliflower in the usual way, leaving it a little "al dente" and towards the end of the cooking time I turn on the grill in my electric oven.
    Drain the cauliflower and turn it into an oven proof dish (pyrex type)...dollop in about half of the little carton of white sauce, a little grating of nutmeg, a couple of twists of ground pepper... a very ample grating of your preferred cheese (I use parmesan) and mix it all together. Top the whole caboodle off with another grating of cheese and a few little knobs of butter. Stick it under the grill until the white sauce has warmed through and the cheese begins to gratinate (aka brown I think) on top.
    Even the fussiest of kids love it!

  2. Fab - thanks for the advise, I might be brave enough to try it again next week - I will not let that cauli cheese get the better of me lol :o)