Saturday, 19 February 2011

7 month wonder

So Finley is just coming up to the 7 month mark and its so amazing how much he has changed. Its great to see his personality coming through and to see what a real cheeky little chappy he is.
 He has now mastered the rolling bit from front to back and is grabbing everything in sight and putting it in his mouth - now comes the real test of my house cleaning abilities. One missed bit near him on the floor and you got yourself a 'choking hazard' (I blame the NCT first aid course I went on when he was 8 weeks old for this traumatising thought!). He can stand on his feet with supports and he also has developed a thing for the ladies and is all too keen on giving the 'love me' smiles to female passers by, men he's a bit wary of still although Daddy get the smiles and giggles (especially when he been having a grumpy crying day with mum).

The other 'good' bit is that he still isn't fully on the move yet so I know I'm not going to turn my back in the room and he's going to be shooting towards the door!  There are a lot of mummies I have spoken to in my family/friends circle who couldn't wait for baby to be crawling/waking but to be honest I'm just enjoying him being my baby and not wishing the time away - plus I don't need to have eyes in my bum yet!!

So come one own up - Who swapped my newborn??

Scarlett x


  1. oh he is adorable. Such a great age, this is when they really start to get fun.

    I found you via Victoria at Florence & Mary.

    Just read your previous post. I never went to any of the mum & toddler groups, pretty much for the reasons you talk of. All this competitive poo they spout. Dear God. I breastfed, and when I was talking to another mum while waiting to see the health visitor for weighing, the mum was horrified to learn that my little girl was still having a feed during the night. Breastfed babies do tend to need feeding more, but from the way she looked horrified, you'd think I was doing something drastically wrong!

    Why? Are all children exactly the same? no. So why the shock?

    I suspect to try andmake me feel like a failure. Some mums are like that. I was first time mum, she was mum of two, which clearly meant she knew everything about every child!!!!
    After eavesdropping and hearing other such competition, I made my mind up that I would avoid such groups, so I did.

    The end result is I now have a very happy 4 year old, who is a confident and friendly little girl. She hasn't had an over stressed mum trying to hurry things along. Even potty training is a competition these days (my little one was almost three before she finally 'got it', I know some mums would be horrified, but quite frankly, I don't care).

    So the only advice I have to you is this. Do things your way, and ignore such boastings. I'm sure half of them aren't truthful anyway. And you are so right to make the most of your boy being a baby, the time just runs by, and before you know it, they are toddlers. Baby time is fleeting and precious, don't let anyone spoil it for you or hurry you along. If people ask the usual 'is he potty trained, does he sleep through all night, is he right handed or left handed? (honestly, was asked this when my child was months old!!!), smile and say 'no, because HE'S A BABY'! ;O)

    ooh, regarding cauli cheese, for the sauce buy Heinz ready made baby sauces. B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T! I used to make Annabels cheese sauce from scratch, sometimes it was ok, other times it came out like glue! Then Heinz started with the baby sauces full of good stuff, and I used those instead. Still do in fact, they're made for tots so I stick to them and will for as long as I can.

    Anyway.hope you didn't mind me stopping by.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) What a cute looking blog. I haven't got kids yet but think it is fun to read about your adventure. I heads up of things to come for me I guess! lol. Hopeyou are having a great day.
    Humble Homemaking

  3. What a lovely blog Scarlett. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your little one looks totally scrumptious! I have an 17 month old who is into everything. I think he sees everything as giant climbing frames (including me). I am totally loving every minute of it though and feel very blessed. Boys rock...don't they!

    I am now a follower!!
    Much love Naomi xx

  4. B E A U T I F U L blog!
    Thank you for stopping by at my blog today.
    Enjoy your little boy with love and many good wishes.