Thursday, 10 February 2011

All Hail the Jumperoo...

The saviour of my arm muscles and my sanity - the humble Jumperoo!  Who ever designed this little gem of play equipment really needs a knighthood. For those who haven't heard of the jumperoo it is a bouncing and rotating seat in an activity station and when baby bounces it has sensors which activate lights and sounds. I never liked the look of the door bouncers so this was ideal. Its free standing and allows baby to bounce and play with the knowledge that he is not going to flip forwards and be found hanging upside down!

Finley in his Jumperoo 5 & half months old
Finley loves his jumperoo, he likes being on his feet and if you try to sit him on your lap he always wants to be standing.  It allows me some free hands time to get some tidying done in the house or getting the dinner on (or even the luxury of having a minute in the day to go to the loo!). As its free standing it can also be moved so baby isnt left unattended.

The makers of the jumperoo 'fisher price' advertise it as being 6 months on but as Finley is a big baby he's been using the jumperoo from about 4 months and now he's nearing 7 months its really come into his own. Its helping beat the baby tantrums of them wanting to be mobile but not yet having learnt how to move.  The only downside is that they are quite expensive but I picked up this one on eBay for £50 secondhand, and to be honest it didn't even look like it had been used! Bargain! So if you are looking in to getting one check out eBay or even your local NCT sale but you wont regret having it! 

One final point however is a pooing baby and a jumperoo do not go hand in hand - if you see baby straining in the jumperoo then do not allow to bounce on as learnt from experience - that poo can travel! The baby vest and sleep suit were not salvageable after that episode...

Anyone else loving the Jumperoo?


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