Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Today I will be wearing baby sick...

From the first day of Finley being outta the womb he hasn't failed to sick up some milk at the most inappropriate moments and normally it is caught by what ever I am wearing that day. 

Today for example at a formal family gathering (cue routing around for smart clothing to wear as my chilled mummy look just wouldn't be received very well lol) he managed to be sick all down my trousers, one nasty burp and I was doused in milk, and back to smelling of baby sick.  I've become so used to it now its quite strange to see people going 'Oh no he's just been a little sick!!' whenever we visit the 'non baby homes' - you know the ones they tend to have beautiful fluffy carpets, immaculately clean sofas and glass objects at ankle height.  They also look bemused that I am so blasĂ© about the fact my offspring has brought up white substance that has narrowly missed their pristine rug but has been caught by a) his clothing b) my clean top or c) both.

I have no idea when this little phenomenon will end but in the mean time Fairy Non bio and my water company are being kept in business and my house resembles a Chinese laundry on cold or rainy days.  But in the mean time I'm making sure I have that handy Muslin cloth to hand at all times. So if you're a mummy too I'm sure I may be in good company with some of you also knowledgeable in 'eau du baby sick' :o)

Its a shame, I've never looked good in white....

Scarlett x

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  1. Oh, Scarlett. Just read some of your posts and got such a chuckle. I'm sure you are an awesome Mum. I was just like you! Mummy's group? Run for the hills! I'm still like that and my babies are all grown up now. ha! Take care. You will do great as a Mum.

    By the way, thanks SO MUCH for following my blog. We are going to have fun reading each others' blogs. I'm following you, too! Susan