Saturday, 5 March 2011


When Finley was younger every 'crying' situation was blamed on the dreaded teething - used freely as an excuse as to why my little bundle of joy was purple in the face screaming the place down. I will admit that we were wrong, he wasn't teething, how do I know this?...Well he is actually teething now as it is nothing like the odd screaming fit, he's now being grumpy for most of the day lol.

I realised we had hit the teething time when after getting used to the luxury of 7 hours unbroken sleep we now have a little man who wakes in the night upset. His cheeks have a lovely gnome-like ruddiness to them and he's dribbling like crazy.  I can see those little buggers under his front gum but they are staying put and causing nothing but trouble.  Cue the teething rings, a flipping rubber giraffe that cost £12 and suspicious looking teething powder which I'm apparently supposed to put on his tongue dry??? Hmmm not sure how the manufacturers' came up this this little bit of advise but I'm sure if they tried to prize open a 7 month old mouth while keeping the mouth and indeed their hand free of dribble then they are are superhuman.

So fingers crossed they break through soon and give me my happy boy back again, then it'll be the next lot...How many teeth exactly does a child get?  Oh I hate to

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  1. aww! bless him (and you for having to get up in the night again!)

    i love love love these posts, they give me a real insight into what to expect when (hopefully!) i have kids :)