Sunday, 13 March 2011

Mummy Scrum Down

The doors opened as we all were clicked in, then women started charging down the hall through the doors to the second hall, power walking it was not, more like a stampede.  I followed to the second hall and it was complete madness with grabbing of clothes and toys and the stuffing of shopping bags.  I located the 1-2 year rail as thought i'd pick up a few bits for my boy.  I was barged out the way by a heavily pregnant woman who also sent the rail flying forwards, narrowly missing the lady on the other side, there was a tut and a huff and we were all back on trawling the rails.  Baby Gap was at a premium and these items were first in everyone's bag. I saw a few items very overpriced and by the time I left the sale these bits were hanging lonely on the rails to be collected by the owner who will probably rethink her pricing.

The toy tables were about 3 women deep, I could hear a lot of moaning about prices again there, and a lot of items being inspected then tossed aside.  I witnessed two women go for the same soft toy book but one strong tug from the older of the two won the book war.

I'd had enough and joined the queue (which also snaked around the whole hall), even being in the queue I wasn't safe from the barging! Two women in front of me said they travelled all round going to the nct sale and with 7 children between them they got a good deal!  Sod that, one morning was enough for me lol.

Finally got to the pay tables, got some good bits of clothing which will be good for nursery but I needed a good sit down and feet up when I left, I thought I was a die hard bargain hunter but these women especially the ones ready to drop really took the bargain hunting crowns - they were made of stronger stuff than me lol.

So that's all over and done with...unless I decide to brave the october sale, maybe nct sales are like child birth, you forget how painful it is until you go through it again!

Scarlett x


  1. may be right. I avoid sales like the plague...and another pregnancy doesn't appeal to me too much either! Luckily I have age on my side for that one now...too blooming old to even think about it! But the sales temptation remains...

  2. YOu will have to let all of us here in the states, know what kind of sale this was. We have garage, tag, rummage sales which are all basically the same thing, people selling their used stuff for free. then we have thrift stores where people have donated stuff and it is sold, the pricing is about the same as all of the other sales. Then we have store sales which which is new products. I would love to know where you treasure hunt and how your sales work. It sounds like you were lucky to have survived this sale!



  3. Hello just popped by after seeing you on vintage vicki and beleive me these are the best days of child rearing and I should know mine are now 33 and 30 and I so miss those baby days. still waiting on grandchildren so will follow your trials and tribulations. feel free to pop by my page for a browse inbetween baby naps of course :) Oh and you aint seen anything unless you have been to an old fashioned jumble sale :)
    take care, keep safe, be happy

  4. Cute post Thanks for sharing Joann